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Course No. 1

The history of Gullane No. 1 Course stretches back to 1884. Carved into the ancient links turf, pot bunkers, wispy grasses and smooth-running greens the course is a unique challenge for the serious golfer. Add to that the fabulous views across to Edinburgh, the Firth of Forth, Fife and beyond and you have one of the world’s most cherished golfing experiences.

Not surprisingly, the course has been the setting for a host of highly acclaimed tournaments including the 2015 AAM Scottish Open and final qualifying for the Open Championship on five occasions. The Scottish Amateur Championship and the Ladies British Open Amateur Championship have both been hosted over No. 1 on four occassions.

Golf Monthly ranked Gullane No. 1 in 63rd place in their UK & Ireland rankings for 2017/18.This is up 5 places to the previous ranking.

In 2013 it was voted in 21st place in the Top 100 Courses in Scotland by Today’s Golfer and recognised as having one of the best holes in the world by Golf Magazine (USA) in the form of the spectacular par five 3rd. It was also ranked Scotland’s 20th Best Course in Scotland by Golf Digest in January 2016. Click here to view the publication.

With every hole having its own distinct character, Gullane No. 1 is both memorable and enjoyable, and undoubtedly one of Scotland’s finest links courses.

The architect of Course No. 1 is unknown. The type of grass is predominantly Bent on the fairways and Fescue on the greens. There are 124 bunkers on the course and the average green size is 550m Sq.

Gullane hosted the 2015 Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open in July 2015 over a Championship composite course of Gullane No. 1 and No. 2.

To help give you a feel for the course, Alasdair Good, the Club's Head Professional has provided a hole by hole description in our Course Details section below.

There are distance markers on each of the sprinkler heads on the No. 1 course. The distance is to the middle of the green.


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Course Details


Welcome to Course No. 1

Course No. 1 has Red Flags throughout

Blue Tees Par 71 and SSS 74

White Tees Par 71 and SSS 73

Yellow Tees Par 71 and SSS 71

Red Tees Par 74 and SSS 75

USGA Course Rating - Championship tees 74, White tees 73 and Yellow tees 71

USGA Slope Rating - White tees 129 and Yellow 124

Hole 1 - First

A good start is a 220 yard drive favouring the right side of the fairway. From here you have opened up the green with a short iron approach.

Hole 2 - Windygate

This hole only needs one bunker, nature does the rest. Hitting this narrow fairway is vital even it means playing more for accuracy than length.

Hole 3 - Racecourse

A strong drive down the left sets you up for a 2nd shot in to the right side of the fairway and opens up the green.

Hole 4 - Island

This narrow green has all the trouble at the front so if you can, be sure to carry your ball well over the front bunkers. 

Hole 5 - Murray's Hill

A generous fairway, so drive with confidence to the centre right.  Know your yardage, then hit it long and straight to find the putting surface.

Hole 6 - Roundel

Accuracy here pays dividends, so stay out of the bunkers. Hit the right side of the green and the slope may give you a better birdie opportunity.

Hole 7 - Queen's Head

One of the best views in golf.  Keep your drive straight and let the hill help your distance. Enjoy a low running shot into the green if you fancy a wee change.

Hole 8 - King's Chair

This newly improved hole offers a real challenge. A good drive and a well placed 2nd shot to the front of the green is required to make a score.

Hole 9 - Corbie

8 bunkers to avoid on this classic par 3. Hit the green and you will not be far from the flag for your birdie putt.

Hole 10 - Thucket Knowe

A good solid drive is required to hit this green in regulation. A slight down slope just before the green helps give those needed yards on the approach.

Hole 11 - Maggie's Loup

Watch out for the 2 bunkers just over the hill on the left. Avoid these and you will gain extra yards. More bunkers lie in wait for errant approach shots.

Hole 12 - The Valley

A great par 5 full of risk and reward. Thread your tee shot through the bunkers and hit the long narrow green for a birdie opportunity.

Hole 13 - Hole Across

An exacting tee shot is required to hit this green. Err on the side of going long to avoid the many bunkers.

Hole 14 - The Shelter

A par here is always a good result. Drive it long and left of centre to open up the approach in this subtle green.

Hole 15 - Pumphouse

The further you hit the narrower it gets so plan your route well. The challenge continues on No.1's most sloping green.

Hole 16 - Traprain

Again, as with our previous par 3s,  all the trouble lies at the front so be up,  and if you are lucky, you will get a helping hand from the bank on the left.

Hole 17 - Hilltop

Hit it long with ease. There is a plateau which will give an advantageous level stance for you approach over those gaping bunkers.

Hole 18 - Kirklands

Luck doesn't come in to it much here. Choose a route that suits your game to avoid sand from the tee. Your reward is an approach in to an unbunkered green.

Course No. 1 Scorecard

Men's Scorecard
Hole ChampionshipC'ship Tees White Yards Yellow Yards Par Stroke Index
First 302 302 287 4 14
Windygate 412 390 345 4 4
Racecourse 523 496 479 5 8
Island 164 144 134 3 18
Murray's Hill 450 450 436 4 1
Roundel 337 324 299 4 16
Queen's Head 398 398 398 4 10
King's Chair 471 414 398 4 6
Corbie 194 175 141 3 12
Out 3251 3093 2917 35  
Thucket Knowe 466 466 434 4 2
Maggie's Loup 471 471 427 4 7
The Valley 480 480 423 5 11
Hole Across 178 170 160 3 15
The Shelter 478 435 409 4 3
Pumphouse 580 537 487 5 9
Traprain 194 186 177 3 13
Hilltop 390 390 390 4 5
Kirklands 385 355 338 4 17
In 3622 3490 3245 36  
Out 3251 3093 2917 35  
Total 6873 6583 6162 71  
Ladies' Scorecard
Hole Red Yards Par Stroke Index
First 280 4 14
Windygate 340 4 4
Racecourse 471 5 8
Island 127 3 18
Murray's Hill 420 5 2
Roundel 289 4 16
Queen's Head 392 4 6
King's Chair 351 4 10
Corbie 134 3 12
Out 2804 36  
Thucket Knowe 398 5 7
Maggie's Loup 420 4 1
The Valley 413 5 11
Hole Across 135 3 15
The Shelter 406 5 9
Pumphouse 466 5 3
Traprain 166 3 13
Hilltop 379 4 5
Kirklands 316 4 17
In 3099 38  
Out 2804 36  
Total 5903 74  

Additional Information


Where is Gullane Golf Club?
Gullane Golf Club is situated at the west end of the village of Gullane in East Lothian, Scotland. The Club offers championship quality links golf courses with dramatic views across the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh and Fife. Further details on the Club's location can be found on the Getting Here page.
How many courses does the Club have?
The Club has three, 18 hole links courses. The three golf courses do not have names but simply numbers which reflect their age. Further information on the courses can be found on The Courses page.
When I arrive at the Club where should I go to?
Visitors playing Course No. 1 should report to the Members' Clubhouse. Visitors playing courses No. 2 and No. 3 should report to the Visitors' Clubhouse.
Are handicap certificates required to play at the Club?
Handicap certificates are not required to play Gullane No. 2 or No. 3 but to play Gullane No. 1 there are handicap limits of 24 for men and 30 for ladies. Evidence of handicap is required for Course No. 1 which will be checked by the No. 1 Starter.
Are there yardage indicators on the Course No. 1?
Yes. On Course No. 1 distances are marked on all sprinkler heads to the front, middle and back of the green.
Is there water available on the Courses?
There are fountains on each course:
No. 1 – 11th tees
No. 2 – 9th green
No. 3 – 10th tees

Alternatively water can be purchased prior to going to the first tee from the Members' or Visitors' Clubhouse or the Pro Shop.
Is there a halfway hut on any of the courses?
No, but both Clubhouses can also provide a takeaway service of drinks and rolls. Also soft drinks and chocolate can be bought from the Visitors' Clubhouse, the No. 2 Starter box or the Professional’s shop. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed on the course.
Are there toilets on the Courses?
There are toilets on all the courses:
No. 1 – Between the 4th, 7th and 10th greens.
No. 2 – Behind the 5th green and left of the 16th yellow tees.
No. 3 – Left of the 13th green towards the Greenkeepers sheds.
Is it possible to play 9 holes ?
All three courses have the traditional links layout (the first 9 holes starting from the Clubhouse so the 9th green is the further point from the Clubhouse. The second nine hols then come back to the Clubhouse.) This means that 9 holes is not possible without having a long walk back to the Clubhouse.
Does the Club offer online booking for visitors ?
Online booking for visitors is not currently available. Please telephone 01620 842 255 or email to make a booking enquiry.
Which hole is best for longest drive on course 1?
The 15th hole.
Which hole is best for nearest the pin on course 1?
The 13th hole.

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