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Course No. 3

Of all the courses at Gullane, No. 3 enjoys some of the best views across Aberlady Bay to Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth beyond. Spectacular and challenging, No. 3 is a course that demands a deft touch and a cool head. Forget the yardage chart; this is a course for shot-makers.

Designed by Willie Park Jr, the course celebrated its centenary in 2010 and has matured to become a much loved destination for many visiting golfers. Favoured with the same impeccable links turf as its older neighbours No. 3 is maintained to the same high standards from tee to green. This is no soft option, despite a lack of yards the course still present the classic Gullane challenge of strategic course management, true running greens and numerous bunkers to be avoided – and all played out in stunning scenery.

The type of grass is predominantly Bent on the fairways and Fescue on the greens. There are 67 bunkers on the course and the average green size is 450m Sq.

To help give you a feel for the course, Alasdair Good, the Club's Head Professional has provided a hole by hole description in our Course Details section below.

There are 150yd posts on each hole which mark the distance to the middle of the green.

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Course Details


Welcome to Course No. 3

Course No. 3 has Yellow flags throughout.

White/Yellow Tees Par 68 and SSS 66

Red Tees Par 69 and SSS 69

USGA Course Rating - White tees 65.5

USGA Slope Rating - White tees 116

Hole 1

Risk and reward. Drive it left and there is more room, or right to open up the green. Watch for the cross wind and the left slope on this opening green.

Hole 2

Often straight plays straight in to the wind so with trouble at the front and a green that slopes away from you. Make sure you take enough club. 

Hole 3

Left of centre is the best line off the tee as the bunker on the right guards any pin on the right half of the green.

Hole 4

Reachable for some but the rough awaits if you are off target. A steady two shots is often more productive in hunting for birdies.

Hole 5

The fairway bunkers are to be avoided. Once you've done this, the left side of the fairway offers the best route in to all pin positions.

Hole 6

It's stroke index 1 for a reason! Keep left of centre with your drive to avoid sliding into hidden bunkers. Play for the middle of the green and try to enjoy the putt.

Hole 7

Play for accuracy and allow the slope to help with the distance. Again, the left side on the fairway opens up the best line to into any pin.   

Hole 8

Easier that it looks. Most the trouble is short and slight slope at the back of the green helps hold the ball on the green.

Hole 9

Avoid the only fairway bunker which is on the right. It's uphill to the green so take extra club to ensure your next shot is a putt. 

Hole 10

Open your shoulders a bit here as it will take two good hits to get home. The approach will run on the firm fairway but you'll need to the straight.

Hole 11

All you need is 130 yards carry. Be up and even if you are a bit long, the bank at the back will save you and push the ball back on to the green.

Hole 12

A dog-leg right doesn't  mean right is ok. A testing drive but the fairway must be found if the ball is to be green bound. A small back to front sloping green awaits.

Hole 13

The wind often helps here so use it well. Send the ball high and straight to the heart of this receptive green.

Hole 14

Go for your best drive as there is only one bunker to avoid. Hitting it hard and accurately will give you a good birdie opportunity. Favour the green left with your approach.

Hole 15

This green can be hit with any club in the bag- as long as it's straight. Enjoy the roller coaster par 3 that yields the most Hole in One's at Gullane.

Hole 16

The start of a great finish. Plan well your left centre drive to avoid sand. Play for the middle right of the green as the ball feeds down from there.

Hole 17

Left is again the best from the tee to avoid the well visited bunker which guards the front right of this green. 

Hole 18

Play like a Pro on this hole-brain is better than muscle here. It's a must hit fairway to control the approach to a hole with a split level green. 

Course No. 3 Scorecard

Men's Scorecard
Hole ChampionshipC'ship Tees White Yards Yellow Yards Par Stroke Index
1 341 341 341 4 3
2 144 144 144 3 17
3 293 293 293 4 5
4 250 250 250 4 13
5 314 314 314 4 7
6 342 342 342 4 1
7 311 311 311 4 11
8 165 165 165 3 15
9 327 327 327 4 9
Out 2487 2487 2487 34  
10 450 450 450 4 4
11 135 135 135 3 18
12 371 371 371 4 8
13 186 186 186 3 14
14 443 443 443 5 2
15 176 176 176 3 12
16 379 379 379 4 6
17 328 328 328 4 10
18 304 304 304 4 16
In 2772 2772 2772 34  
Out 2487 2487 2487 34  
Total 5259 5259 5259 68  
Ladies' Scorecard
Hole Red Yards Par Stroke Index
1 327 4 3
2 133 3 17
3 241 4 5
4 238 4 13
5 262 4 7
6 330 4 1
7 295 4 11
8 155 3 15
9 302 4 9
Out 2283 34  
10 424 5 4
11 125 3 18
12 360 4 8
13 169 3 14
14 419 5 2
15 168 3 12
16 373 4 10
17 319 4 6
18 280 4 16
In 2637 35  
Out 2283 34  
Total 4920 69  

Additional Information


Where is Gullane Golf Club?
Gullane Golf Club is situated at the west end of the village of Gullane in East Lothian, Scotland. The Club offers championship quality links golf courses with dramatic views across the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh and Fife. Further details on the Club's location can be found on the Getting Here page.
How many courses does the Club have?
The Club has three, 18 hole links courses. The three golf courses do not have names but simply numbers which reflect their age. Further information on the courses can be found on The Courses page.
When I arrive at the Club where should I go to?
Visitors playing Course No. 1 should report to the Members' Clubhouse. Visitors playing courses No. 2 and No. 3 should report to the Visitors' Clubhouse.
Are handicap certificates required to play at the Club?
Handicap certificates are not required to play Gullane No. 2 or No. 3 but to play Gullane No. 1 there are handicap limits of 24 for men and 30 for ladies. Evidence of handicap is required for Course No. 1 which will be checked by the No. 1 Starter.
Is there a halfway hut on any of the courses?
No, but both Clubhouses can also provide a takeaway service of drinks and rolls. Also soft drinks and chocolate can be bought from the Visitors' Clubhouse, the No. 2 Starter box or the Professional’s shop. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed on the course.
Are there yardage indicators on Course No. 3?
Yes. There are 150 yard markers which measures to the middle of the green.
Is there water available on the Courses?
There are fountains on each course:
No. 1 – 11th tees
No. 2 – 9th green
No. 3 – 10th tees

Alternatively water can be purchased prior to going to the first tee from the Members' or Visitors' Clubhouse or the Pro Shop.
Are there toilets on the Courses?
There are toilets on all the courses:
No. 1 – Between the 4th, 7th and 10th greens.
No. 2 – Behind the 5th green and left of the 16th yellow tees.
No. 3 – Left of the 13th green towards the Greenkeepers sheds.
Is it possible to play 9 holes ?
All three courses have the traditional links layout (the first 9 holes starting from the Clubhouse so the 9th green is the further point from the Clubhouse. The second nine hols then come back to the Clubhouse.) This means that 9 holes is not possible without having a long walk back to the Clubhouse.
Does the Club offer online booking for visitors ?
Online booking for visitors is not currently available. Please telephone 01620 842 255 or email to make a booking enquiry.
Which hole is best for longest drive on course 3?
The 10th hole.
Which hole is best for nearest the pin on course 3?
The 15th hole.

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